Finally, an exclusive Dalmatians pattern faux fur has arrived at Hound Around!

This beautiful coat was inspired by the famous Iggy Tika, who was born to be a natural model.

She likes to bake chickunz and cookies at home when she is not working, but when she poses for the camera flash in her posh clothes, her face chages right away like a pro. 

Just like from white latte to black coffee! 

Please remember that we have a very limited amount of fabric for this coat. 


Two different neck faux fur colllars are ready for this coat: Dalmatian faux fur (same as body), and the black silky faux fur. 


Made with

Outer Shell: 55% Polyester 45% Acrylic

Lining: 100% Cotton

Faux fur that resembles Dalmatian hair, so your dog can stay warm and fancy


*Patterns may vary from the photos above




Tika 101

  • -Our clothes are designed for Italian Greyhounds.  Even though your dog’s measurements may fall in the size chart range, the clothes still may not fit—this includes mixed Italian Greyhound and Whippet breeds.

    If your dog is of another breed, please contact us with their measurements and we will be happy to accommodate them.

    -Unfortunately, our clothes do not have a hole for a harness or a leash.  You can use a front-range harness for this, or you can put the harness over the coat. Thank you for understanding this before your purchase.




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Q How Can I Measure My Dog?

Make your dog stand and look forward and measure:

  • Neck -Around the widest part of the whole neck 

  • Chest -Around the Widest part of the whole chest, from right behind  the front legs. 

  • Back Length- From base of the neck to the beginning part of the tail, along the spine  

  • Weight -Weigh your dog and use all of the measurements from above to choose from the size chart below.

*Choose the clothes size from your dog’s chest measurements and check the volume (weight). Our outfits naturally run bigger than the natural body, so you don’t need to add any extra room, just make sure that your Italian Greyhound is standing straight.

*We specialize mainly for Italian Greyhounds and small sized Whippets. For bigger sized Whippets, please check the items’ availability first.

*For other small sized dog breeds, please contact us first with measurements of your dog and side view photos. Even if the measurements fall in our chart range designed for Italian Greyhounds, the clothes still may not fit due to an Italian Greyhound’s unique body line.

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