Brand Philosophy

Living surrounded by the Rocky Mountains gives me tremendous inspiration, in more ways than one. The natural beauty of the scenery and wildlife inspired me to start my brand, Hound Around.

After working with high fashion brands in Milan, Italy, I arrived in the U.S in 2012.  While continuing my passion for fashion by working as a fashion technical designer and a professor by teaching fashion design class,  I met my very first dog, Blue.

As Blue is a hairless sight hound, he needed some warm outfits for winter time and it was really hard to find generic dog clothes that fit him.

Therefore, with my background in fashion design, I decided to start making self- designed clothes for Blue.

Hound Around's  clothes are based on premium wool fabrics, with very unique Native American patterns on them.  

Furthermore, I added the sophisticated style of Milan, where  I advanced  my fashion design skills.

Since I know the unfortunate feeling, as a fashion designer, of running into someone wearing the exact clothing as you-- I create very limited amounts of clothing per textile theme. Usually, I only make one article of clothing in each size per pattern. I am focused on making your dog feel extraordinary. 


I believe every dog has a different personality and own style, their clothing should reflect that. 

Now Hound Around  has just started for Italian Greyhounds, but  we will  expand for other sight hound breeds-Whippets, Greyhounds  and others soon.