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About Us 

Living surrounded by the Rocky Mountains gives our team tremendous inspiration, in more ways than one. The natural beauty of the scenery and wildlife inspired us to start our brand--Hound Around. Our designs undeniably capture a sophisticated look that focuses on the glam of urban life and yet we always retain our mountainous spirit of the West.

Our founder arrived in the U.S. in 2012 after working with high fashion brands in Milan for a fashion accessory designer. While continuing her passion for fashion by working as a fashion technical designer and a university professor, she met her first Italian Greyhound--Blue.

As Blue is a hairless dog, he needed some warm outfits for the harsh winter of Montana, and it was hard to find generic dog clothes that fit him appropriately, due to his unique Sighthound body shape. Sighthounds’ distinctive shape and their sensitive skin requires body patterns and delicate fabrics especially designed for them. Therefore, in congruity with her background in the fashion industry, she decided to start making self-designed clothes for Blue. Soon afterward she decided to embark on a journey and founded Hound Around. What started as a simple business for one breed has now blossomed into a company that receives much love and support from its customers and of course their many dogs that number to over 50 different breeds from over 35 countries. All of our coats made for non-Italian Greyhounds are developed with different body patterns with their own measurements according to each breeds specific shape and figure.


Hound Around’s first and foremost commitment is to use high quality and fine materials to protect a dogs’ delicate skin. We believe that protection from the elements is the main function of clothing, much like garments for people. Our signature wool coats are made with premium wool fabrics from world prestigious woolen mills and we only use 100% cotton for our lining. Premium quality isn’t just for our wool coats either, as we are carefully selecting and using exquisite materials for the creation of all of our outfits.  

At Hound Around, we believe that each dog has their own unique personality and style, and their clothing should reflect that. We know how awkward it can be to run into someone wearing the same exact thing as you and we wouldn’t be happy if that were to happen to our customers as well. This is why we create very limited amounts of clothes per textile theme and switch up fabrics and designs often. Ensuring your dog to be extraordinary and promise for him/her to be truly a one of a kind.

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