Q How Can I Measure My Dog?

Make your dog stand and look forward and measure:

  • Neck -Around the widest part of the whole neck 

  • Chest -Around the Widest part of the whole chest, from right behind  the front legs. 

  • Back Length- From base of the neck to the beginning part of the tail, along the spine  

  • Weight -Weigh your dog and use all of the measurements from above to choose from the size chart below.

size chart.png

*Choose the clothes size from your dog’s chest measurements and check the volume (weight). Our outfits naturally run bigger than the natural body, so you don’t need to add any extra room, just make sure that your Italian Greyhound is standing straight.

*We specialize mainly for Italian Greyhounds and small sized Whippets. For bigger sized Whippets, please check the items’ availability first.

*For other small sized dog breeds, please contact us first with measurements of your dog and side view photos. Even if the measurements fall in our chart range designed for Italian Greyhounds, the clothes still may not fit due to an Italian Greyhound’s unique body line.



Q How Should I Wash Wool 


Hound Around's products are mostly made up of premium wool. All wool naturally repels dirt and stains.  

Dry cleaning is highly recommended to ensure product longevity.


  •  For small stains   ​

  - For minimal dirt or stains, just gently rub with a wet towel.




It takes a little bit more effort than other materials, but if you take care of your wool well, then Hound Around clothes will keep your pooch warm for many winters to come.


Q Returns and Exchange Policy

Continuation of your order will constitute acceptance of these non-negotiable terms.

All of our clothes are made to order.

Due to the limited quantity and high quality material of our products-- ALL ITEMS ARE NON REFUNDABLE and NON EXCHANGEABLE!


There is no return or exchange for items that have been wrongly measured, so please ensure that you have measured your dog accurately. 

There are no exceptions.


However, we will kindly accept a cancellation. If you want to cancel your order please contact us within 24 hours of purchase.

All our items are quality checked before they are sent. 

We strive to make our customers as happy as possible with their orders. If there is any issue from your items, please contact us right away.



Q What are the differences between Premium Wool and Light Weight Wool 

Premium Wool

-Heavy-weight wool fabric, ideal for winter coats, blankets , and upholstery.

- These fabrics are  blended using 82% pure virgin wool and 18% cotton-- this blend makes less wrinkles and has a soft texture. 

Light Weight Wool

-Light-weight wool is excellent for apparel, home decor, and other sewing projects.

-Hound Around's light-weight wool is of 100% pure virgin wool.


Q Is 100% wool (pure virgin wool) better than blended wool?

There is not a clear answer to that question.

The quality of the wool depends highly upon on its purpose and its process.


Natural wool fibers are a great source of warmth, but a fabric wool's friction is not as strong as other materials and fabrics. 

There are also different types of processing and different ways to produce various textures for fabrics. We cannot say that just because wool is processed that it is of bad or low quality. There are some situations when wool that has been blended with other materials is better than pure or raw wool, because of its durability, cost efficiency, and design. 

For example, it is common to see men's outerwear designed with a rougher texture of wool (pure virgin), because it gives it a more rugged image and a sharper style. On the other hand, women's outerwear tends to have more processing involved in their fabrics, in order to generate a more fluid silhouette and a softer texture. 

So we can see that there are many reasons why we can't just say that blended wool is better than non-blended wool and vice-versa. 


Hound Around always strives to acquire the best quality materials available, and we are always open to hear our customers opinions and suggestions. 


Q Other Policies

Shipping Policy


Hound Around does not have any obligation for packages that are lost or stolen. Once Hound Around ships a package to the address that we have on file, then the responsibility is up to the shipper and receiver for the arrival of the package. When products are shipped out, there is $50 of insurance included when shipped domestically, so if you need more insurance than that, then  please contact us to pay extra.

Also, for International insurance, shipping may cover be up to $200 depending upon the shipping class that you choose. 

Again, Hound Around is not eligible for stolen packages that have arrived to the address that Hound Around was provided with from the buyer.




Customs and import taxes


Buyers are responsible for any customs and import taxes that may apply. Hound Around is not responsible for delays due to customs.