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What is a Knuffle Toy

Knuffle means Hug, cuddle or a Stuffed toy in Dutch. My friend, who always encouraged and supported me to start Hound Around in the first place, is from the Netherlands, so I am naming our toys Knuffle in her honor.

My dogs love soft and fluffy toys and they usually play with them by holding it in their mouths all day long, especially my Iggy. Sometimes he breaks the toys with his hound teeth and accidentally ingests some of that poly fiberfill, which has always made me uncomfortable.


I found out that there are many leftover pieces after cutting the fabric and these trimmings are too small to make our coats out of; however, they are still high quality fabric pieces made of wool and cotton. For this reason I have decided to make dog toys with those extra fabric pieces.

I know that a soft toy can’t be a permanent toy, if you’re lucky they last years more realistically months and it is virtually impossible for your dog to not be chewing on or holding the toy in their mouths while they are playing. Wool is a natural fiber and it is thicker and stronger than polyester—in my opinion a much healthier choice than toys that are covered and filled with polyester and other synthetic materials.

I also want to announce that I have decided to donate 50% of all of the proceeds from these toys to the Greyhound Pet Adoption Northwest. I have volunteered here in the past and I know that supporting them really does make a difference. Many of the dogs at this non-profit are retired racing dogs and were heavily abused—there are just too many tragic stories about retired Greyhound’s, this is why I am so passionate about helping them out.


So keep your dog happy and healthy with these eco-friendly toys while helping out a Greyhound at the same time. Thank you so much for your support and for choosing Hound Around.





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